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Drug-Less and Effective

Habits and behaviors can be deeply entrenched. However, the brain pathways that form these habits can be dramatically re-engineered using drugless methods. We utilize an array of powerful and effective holistic strategies designed to calm, balance and retrain the brain’s activities.

ADHD-We See It Differently

The common definition of ADHD is inaccurate and limiting.  The truth is that individuals with ADHD are simply displaying a set of characteristics with accompanying reactive behaviours.  We teach people to harness their natural strengths and talents; turning their biggest challenges into remarkable assets. 

Getting Started

A Within Reach assessment opens the doors to a brighter future. We combine time spent in personal conversation with a protocol of advanced testing and analysis to give a very clear picture of what is occurring, and what can be done to help. ADHD can be complex; we make it simpler.


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